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Fragrance Combinations - The Bath Time

Fragrance Combinations

This blog post explores the artistry of fragrance combinations to enhance the bath bomb experience. It begins by discussing the choice between essential oils and fragrance oils, highlighting the authenticity of natural sources versus the broader spectrum of synthetic options. The role of aromatherapy in crafting bath bomb fragrances is emphasized, explaining how scents can evoke different emotions and enhance the overall bathing experience.

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Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe - The Bath Time

Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe

Christmas has always been the season of giving. People make extra efforts to find and even make DIY gifts for their loved ones. In this blog, I will teach you some essential bath bomb recipes that symbolize Christmas' essence through scents.

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What Makes A Good Moisturizer? - The Bath Time

What Makes A Good Moisturizer?

A good moisturizer is essential for healthy-looking, pleasant skin. If you have dry or oily skin, the appropriate moisturizer will seal in hydration and keep your skin supple and smooth without leaving it feeling greasy. 

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Answers To Common DIY Bath Bomb Problems - The Bath Time

Answers To Common DIY Bath Bomb Problems

Many bath product formulators will tell you that bath bombs are their most difficult product to create. Making bath bombs can be challenging especially when this is the first time that you are doing this. You may be wondering why it gets crumbly, why it breaks so easily, why it has some pre-fizzes, etc. This blog will answer those common problems that you encounter when making bath bombs for the first time.

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