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Classic Sphere Bath Bomb Mold

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When you first started making bath bombs you probably started with the classic round
I think most of us start there.
It is, after all, iconic. And instantly recognizable. And arguably essential to the bath bomb game.
For this, we have Classic Bomb Bath Bomb Mold.
It is printed using 3D printing technology. The sandwich-type mold makes it easy to press
adorable and precise Classic Bomb bath bombs quickly and easily!


Classic Bomb Bottom Piece
Classic Bomb Top Plunger
Classic Bomb Bath Bomb Cylinder

Available sizes: 1.25" | 1.50" | 1.75" | 2" | 2.25" | 2.5" | 2.75" | 3" | 3.25" | 3.5" |
3.75" | 4" | 4.5"


–Place the cylinder on a surface and slide the bottom half of the mold in.
–Fill to the top of the outer ring with your bath bomb mixture, don’t pack it in.
–Then press the top half of the mold into the outer ring.
–Push the top mold on and press it down.
–Move the cylinder up and down and slide it out.
–Tap lightly around the mold and slowly pull off the top half and then the bottom half and
–lay the bath bombs out to dry for 24 hours before packaging.
–This three-piece press allows you to shape a perfect Classic Sphere with whichever size
“Saturn ring” you prefer.


I use top-grade PLA PRO+ for our molds. I take the pro over the regular one WITHOUT
additional charges so you can enjoy the best quality molds. Colors vary based on our
filament supply and choice, though we generally use black.
All mold designs are tested with different bath bomb recipes before being listed, and each
mold is inspected before shipping it out.


The PLA is heat-sensitive. So all cleaning must be done using cold water, and never in the
dishwasher. Store the molds indoors and never in a hot shed or car as it can cause the molds
to warp. In addition, make sure not to soak them as the molds can hold water between the
PLA fibers.


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Ed Marston Cormier
It took a long time to get here but every...

It took a long time to get here but every time I called to check on it, I got a answer right back. I feel they have really great customer service 😁

Rasha Mertz
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Rasha Mertz
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Tammy Mclaughlin
Quick delivery, very prompt and exactly wh...

Quick delivery, very prompt and exactly what I ordered.

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Just what I wanted. Works great

Just what I wanted. Works great